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The Panda Who Came to Read

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We all want to raise a reader but it is not the easiest feat in the world when there is so much distraction around! 'The Panda who came to read' empathizes with kids' distraction and gently lures them into reading. Here, the grandmother molds a Panda out of clay and starts reading to it. The child keeps listening while cartwheeling, scootering and jumping around - slowly making her way to the Panda until she is actually sitting down and reading along.

 It is part of a five book series- Animal Series. The other books in this series include:

  • The Pig who came to bathe
  • The Giraffe who came to play
  • The Cat who came to lunch
  • The Hippo who came to swim

Age: 0-3 years

Early Readers: Yes