Raising the leaders of tomorrow: The values that matter


Allows children to regulate their emotions, build connections at home and in school, accept differences and help others

problem solving

Allows children to become fully aware of situations, be patient, build their confidence and develop their independence


Allows children to become better listeners, understand cause and effect, simplify ideas and explain their perspectives

Let’s hear from our readers!

We absolutely loved the books.'What I Learnt' is more of a reminder to the adult reading the book. They used to say in our training days, 'if you teach a child a hundred times and they still do not understand, it is a fault in the way you teach and not in the way the child understands' - It was a beautiful reminder.

SHOP: What I Learnt

“I definitely recommend this book for not just a great read, but also for emotional skill enhancement and a lively conversation after!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★Dr. Chaula Badiani
SHOP: Things I Can't See

This is one of our favourite books, thank you so much Priyanka. Our son actually started to play like this in the playground. I highly recommend The Leopard Who Came to Stretch.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★SUCHETA PAL
SHOP : The Leopard Who came to Stretch

Our latest obsession is this awesome flap book by Sam and Mi. I personally love the book so much. What a great way to introduce bedtime routine to your little ones. Baby A reads it before naps and bedtime both.

SHOP: Nini for Ms Nunu

One of the best books I have come across. These books got my son interested in reading and now he cant put them down. If you want your child to start reading, start with these books.

SHOP: Animal Series (Setof 6)

Even every day activities like eating, reading or bathing become so much more exciting when you’re accompanied by your favourtie animal squad! Shivaay absolutely loves the Animal Series by Sam and Mi. Its never too early to introduce little ones to the magical world of books. The beautiful and colourful illustrations, simple yet engaging story line and easy to follow rhymes.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★SAMRIDHI
SHOP: Animal Series (Set of 6)

Love it! Wonderful book to read with my 5 year old son. The illustrations are brilliant! Love it!
It is really good! Going to get more of her work! It’s is educative and fun! Definitely something I would recommend for every kid for bedtime reading.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ARUNA
SHOP: Things I Can't See

Fun with Words series helps teach your little ones how to use words interchangeably with easy to remember visual cues and rhymes. It’s a well illustrated colourful and very informative book for the kids. Explaining synonyms were made so systematic and easy with this ! The quality of paper is good too making it feel good and pretty too

SHOP: Fun with Words (Set of 3)

My son just loves Samara. These stories are so natural and relatable that it
has taught him a lot good. Especially Samara’s empathy and love for animals. Parent’s
engagement in the story is the key and these books very beautifully depicts
that. Just love them.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★S AGARWAL
SHOP: Adventures of Samara and Alphabet Series
extra book project

There is no better way to teach our children empathy than to give them enough opportunities to practice this important skill. With each purchase on our website, you can opt to receive an extra book to pass forward at a nominal charge. We would love for you to share this extra book with a friend/ teacher/ library/ government school or any other member of society that you want to see benefit from the advantages of reading.