Books for children that will make everyday life magical. Gift these books to your children to inculcate a sense of problem solving, communication skills, empathy and open-mindedness.

Sam & Mi Fam

Prajvee loves listening to the books written by Priyanka. They are simple and easy for kids to understand. They take them on a ride into an imaginative world which stories should typically do irrespective of age.

Prajvee's favourite, is ‘Samara and Alphabet’, it highlights the innocence of kids wanting to be someone new everyday.

My personal favourite is 'Things I cant see' which so subtly highlights that there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Looking forward to more lovely books from Priyanka!!

Palak Mehta, Senior Product Manager

The author - Priyanka, through short and sweet stories creates a wonderland for the children. From imaginary friends to role play to creating a positive environment between the child and the reader. Our favourite is, "The Giraffe Who Came to Play". Anvita now moves about the house with a soft giraffe toy in her pocket. Priyanka's story telling method is so simple that it quickly resonates with the child. Can't wait for more books!!!

Samiksha Kanodia, Art Director

Imaginative, fun and relatable. My 22 month old enjoys the short stories as much as the visuals and especially "The hippo who came to swim" is his favourite.

Dhara Mirani, Head of BD/Strategy/Partnerships

My daughter and I absolutely love Samara and Alphabet.... What lovely illustrations and simple innocent stories. The best part is it's setting in the urban Indian context, which makes it so real and relatable.

Dr. Poonam Bajaj, Physiotherapist and Rehab Specialist

Today, while reading Samara and Alphabet, Ava told me, "Samara is sooo sweet because she is the elephant's friend". I love listening to her try to read it. She will tell the elephant, "Don't worry, you are special". All to say, my child thinks Samara and Alphabet is a great book. Can't wait to get more of Priyanka's books!

Ayesha Dinshaw, Manager - Climate Resilience