Cultivating Empathy, Problem-Solving and Communication Skills in Primary Students with Sam and Mi

Dear Educators,

Why Choose Sam and Mi books to teach Empathy, Problem-Solving and Communication skills to Primary and Pre-Primary School Students?

Character-Centric Narratives

Our stories prioritize character development, immersing students in the adventures of Sam and Mi. Through relatable situations, students learn the essential values of empathy, kindness, and resilience.

Real-Life Relevance

We present students with realistic scenarios, allowing them to connect with the characters and apply problem-solving strategies to their own lives. Our books address both common challenges faced by children and real world issues, promoting empathy and critical thinking.

Discussion-Driven Learning

Most of our books are accompanied by discussion points that encourage meaningful classroom conversations. These discussions create a platform for students to share thoughts, understand diverse perspectives, and develop empathy organically.

Interactive Problem-Solving

Supplementing our stories, we offer interactive activities that engage students in hands-on problem-solving exercises. These activities reinforce book lessons while fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Role in child’s life

How can schools work with Sam and Mi books?

1. Sample Curriculum Integration

2. book fairs

3. book readings

Adventures of Samara and Alphabet - The First Magic Trick

Adventures of Samara and Alphabet series is a powerful tool for instilling empathy and problem-solving skills in pre-primary and  primary students. To receive a complimentary review copy and a detailed sample curriculum, contact us at

Partner with us to inspire a generation of empathetic and resilient young minds.

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come join us at the book fairs

To discuss the possibilities of featuring at your school’s upcoming parent teacher meeting or  book fair or to receive a complimentary sample of our books, please contact us at

We are more than happy to provide additional information, answer any questions, and collaborate to make your book fair a resounding success!

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Our students and teachers on both campuses  loved your session.

The book reading by Ms. Priyanka Agarwal at our school, The Green Acres Academy (Mumbai), served as a springboard for our first-graders to meet an author and engage in a live conversation. It was amazing to see how she enthralled our children with her interactions and got them interested in deliberative dialogue, questions, and brainstorming activities, as well as self-reflection through graphics. Unquestionably, she sowed the seeds in their thoughts when she inquired if they wanted to be authors, illustrators or editors. She has sparked a passion for reading in the young people's hearts, a memory they will keep and cherish. And her books have become a prized addition to our library!
Ms Afza Butt, Head of Department - Early Childhood
 The Green Acres Academy

virtual book readings

We have hosted virtual readings for upto 6 classrooms and 300 children at a time. These sessions can be tailored to specific grade levels and themes, creating an interactive and enriching experience for students.

In-Person Author Visits

Consider the possibility of hosting in-person author visits, where our team can conduct live book readings, Q&A sessions, and interactive activities that complement your school's reading initiatives.

Customized Programs

Work with us to design customized programs that suit the unique needs and preferences of your school or corporate. Whether it's a virtual book club, storytelling workshop, or themed reading event, we are flexible in tailoring our offerings to meet your goals.

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it turned out to be a delightful experience for the kids!

“I just wanted to express that while I had my reservations about how an online storytelling session would be,it turned out to be a delightful experience. The children thoroughly enjoyed the story, staying engaged and eagerly responding to questions. Although the teachers had muted their microphones, the enthusiasm of the children was evident. Remarkably, many of them created fascinating self-portraits.”
Melita D'Souza - Assistant to the President
- JML School (mumbai)

Experience that was really
wonderful & perfect for our school

I wanted to thank you so much for speaking virtually to our EMS Kindergarten classes today! You were a very big hit with the children and the principal and head of school both asked me to send you compliments. They thought your book and discussion was really wonderful and perfect for our school.
The Elisabeth Morrow School
- new jersey, us

What a joy it was to witness the read-aloud session conducted by the children's book author, Ms. Priyanka Mehta, at Papyrus, our literature festival!

The author's connection with the young audience was truly extraordinary. What made the session even more special was the author's ability to engage with the children, encouraging them to participate, ask questions, and share their thoughts. It wasn't just a reading; it was an interactive journey where every child felt like an essential part of the story. Your dedication to fostering a love for literature in the hearts of our youngest readers is truly commendable. Here's to the magic of storytelling and the lasting impact it has on our little ones!
Ms Mansi Bhatt
- Toddler’s Den Pre-school (Ahmedabad)
Thank you for choosing Sam and Mi for your child’s reading journey!