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Book Fair at Tiny Tycoons
Book Fair at Tiny Tycoons

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Book Reading at Museums of Solutions, Mumbai June 2024
Storyverse - Children's Lit Fest at Jio World Drive, Mumbai June 2024
World Book Fair, Delhi 25 Feb - 5 Mar 2024
Book Read at St. John's Public Schools, Chennai, December 2024
Sam and Mi hosted a pop-up interactive museum at Toycra’s Winter Carnival in Ahmedabad, Dec 2023
Book Read at Adani International School, Dec 2023
Book Read at Sahay, Ahmedabad, December 2023
Book Reading (Virtual) at JML School, Mumbai
Book reading at Toddler's Den, Ahmedabad, October 2023
Book reading at The Green Acres Academy Mumbai, 24 August 2023
Book Read At Infosys, Bangalore, May 2023
Book Read At SIS Prep Gurugram, March 2023
Bologna Children's Fair, Italy, March-2023
World Book Fair, Delhi, 25-Feb - 5 March 2023
The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru, December 2022
Children Festival at Crossword Ahmedabad, June 2022
Online reading at The Elizabeth Morrow School, US - Nov 2021