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The Cat Who Came to Lunch

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A favorite among parents and children alike - this book helps make the much dreaded mealtime fun. Mama uses a bit of magic to host Cat under the high chair while the child is eating and shares the stories that the cat knows. It provides an easy trick to use at mealtimes while goading children to finish their meal.

 It is part of a Six book series- Animal Series. The other books in this series include:

  • The Pig who came to bathe
  • The Giraffe who came to play
  • The Hippo who came to swim 
  • The Panda who came to read
  • The Leopard who came to stretch **NEW LAUNCH**

Age: 0-3 years

Early Readers: Yes

Skills: Vocabulary, Imagination, Communication

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Karan Sapakale, Technical Lead
She just loves the book

“Your book is the only one whose pages she hasn't separated yet. She just loves what she sees in it.”

Extra Book Project

There is no better way to teach our children empathy than to give them enough opportunities to practice this important skill. With each purchase on our website, you can opt to receive an extra book to pass forward at a nominal charge. We would love for you to share this extra book with a friend/ teacher/ library/ government school or any other member of society that you want to see benefit from the advantages of reading.

We are so grateful to have this wonderful family of parents and caregivers that are constantly striving to not only raise readers but also conscious citizens.  

What our readers say about us

Karan Sapkale, Technical Lead

“Your book is the only one whose pages she hasn't separated yet. She just loves what she sees in it.”

Aditi Sriram, Professor of Academic Writing

"THE CAT WHO CAME TO LUNCH is so sweet and clever. I love the idea of an older sibling taking charge of the younger one. Siya seemed to adopt that responsibility as well and was somewhat motivated to feed herself. Of course, we looked for the cat below her highchair, and decided it was there, just invisible ;) The book allows the reader to make up their own stories about the cat, too, so it's quite perfect for actually feeding one's child an actual meal!"

Rhea Joshi

The books were lovely! I love reading to her. I like the fact that even in such simple stories you’ve managed to hide a lesson/moral. Congratulations! Thanks again.