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Airplane Doodles: Sketch Your Journey

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Gearing your kids for travel? Use our 'Airplane Doodles - Sketch your journey' activity book to get them excited! They can use it on the plane while traveling, or at home, in preparation for the trip! Each page has a prompt for the kids to follow.

Why doodle? Design is a big part of communication. It allows children to visualize and explain their thoughts. It is always wonderful to see how kids perceive things and our doodle books give them a chance to share these perceptions.
Age: 4-6 years

Skills: Communication, Visualisation

Extra Book Project

There is no better way to teach our children empathy than to give them enough opportunities to practice this important skill. With each purchase on our website, you can opt to receive an extra book to pass forward at a nominal charge. We would love for you to share this extra book with a friend/ teacher/ library/ government school or any other member of society that you want to see benefit from the advantages of reading.

We are so grateful to have this wonderful family of parents and caregivers that are constantly striving to not only raise readers but also conscious citizens.  

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