About Sam & Mi

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in the world. It not only allows us to communicate our ideas effectively but also sparks our imagination. At Sam & Mi, every book, activity and game is designed with storytelling in mind. Our books focus on subtle themes of empathy, communication and problem solving. Our activity books are designed to allow children to explore, observe and express through art and our games are designed to use verbal, visual and physical cues to problem solve.

Sam & Mi was started as a way of capturing memories with my daughter but as parents and schools started reaching out to us, we decided to make the material more easily accessible. Each of our products is really a collaboration between a child and a mother, three decades apart. I hope you enjoy your journey with us and do share your child’s experience with our products!


The founder

My formal education includes a BA from Northwestern University in the US and a MBA from University of Cambridge in the UK and I have been writing for various publications since I was 10 years old. But the real test of my learning started with my journey as a mother when a lot of my own notions were challenged, when I had to start breaking complex situations into simpler concepts and when I had to find novel ways to re-tell traditional stories

My journey is that of every mother who is trying to give her child the best education, ensure they have a strong value system and keep making learning fun for them! Encouraged by other parents, school administrators and learning specialists - I humbly open up our library to you.


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