Why Doodle?

Doodling is a powerful tool that makes it easy for children to both, recreate things they see around them and to create completely new things from a young age. It also helps them explain things in a visual manner, an essential skill for strategic thinking and communication later in life. But most importantly doodling is fun!

I am not an artist but I understand the importance of expressing through design in today’s world. I started making these doodle books for children to capture their observations of the world around them through illustration. It gives them space to share their own ideas and thoughts and not be limited by the development of reading and writing skills. One of the things that gives me the greatest joys is to have parents share pictures of their children expressing themselves through art. So please share your children’s works with us, we would love to see them use the books.
See our doodle books here.

PS: Our birthday doodles book also make for the perfect birthday returns!

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