Storybook set for 3-6 years old (Set of 8)

Storybook set for 3-6 years old (Set of 8)

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By popular demand, we are introducing our book set of eight storybooks. From the hilarious, ‘The Leaky Beak’ to our bestselling, ‘Adventures of Samara and Alphabet’ series, this book set has a storybook for every mood.

Titles include:

  • The Leaky Beak
  • Adventures of Samara and Alphabet: The first magic trick
  • Adventures of Samara and Alphabet: Saving the birds
  • Things I Can’t See
  • What I Learnt
  • Squirrel in my tummy
  • House of Many
  • Missy Mi & Messy Ka

Age: 3-6 years

Early Readers: Yes

Skills: Communication, Storytelling, Visual Perception, Vocabulary, Imagination, Empathy, Problem Solving

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Madhuri Dahagonkar

Storybook set for 3-6 years old (Set of 7)

Extra Book Project

There is no better way to teach our children empathy than to give them enough opportunities to practice this important skill. With each purchase on our website, you can opt to receive an extra book to pass forward at a nominal charge. We would love for you to share this extra book with a friend/ teacher/ library/ government school or any other member of society that you want to see benefit from the advantages of reading.

We are so grateful to have this wonderful family of parents and caregivers that are constantly striving to not only raise readers but also conscious citizens.  

What our readers say about us

Ahana Mohunta- 6 Yr Old Storyteller, Book Reviewer, Day Dreamer

"This book teaches children the importance of correct communication. The author Priyanka Agarwal Mehta has written many children's books with a focus on empathy, communication, and problem-solving. This one is a hilarious read with an important message for little readers."

Aditi Sriram, Professor of Academic Writing

“House of Many was so cool and exciting.. You have chosen such a wide and bizarre range of characters... And we have a bookshelf somewhat like the one in HOUSE OF MANY, so Siya likes to think of herself curling up in various positions, just like the kids in the book!”

Ayesha Dinshaw, Manager - Climate Resilience

“Today, while reading Samara and Alphabet, Ava told me, "Samara is sooo sweet because she is the elephant's friend". I love listening to her try to read it. She will tell the elephant, "Don't worry, you are special". All to say, my child thinks Samara and Alphabet is a great book. Can't wait to get more of Priyanka's books!”